South East



Early in May 2002, 6 adult boys aged 32-56 started a new Mc club in Fredrikstad.

Most were old traverses within the MC environment in Fredrikstad.

1 August 2002, the clubhouse was acquired, and with a hell of great devotion in 3 months,

and good sponsorship support from different teams, it became a nice clubhouse.

On October 26, 2002, the housewarming party was full of invited clubs and friends.

3. May 2003 we had the colors party.

After long time with friendship and unity, we patched in November 2006 to Garage 1 MC.

Due to various political disagreements, it was decided that we could not patch over to Garage 1 MC,

and therefore 3 months later we chose to return to Creeps MC as name and started from there as a stripe club.

October 12, 2013, Creeps MC patched to Devils Choice Mc Norway.

Still 3 of the original members are in the club.

Over the years, we have had many friends at home and abroad,

and we prioritize much of our time to care for their friendship.


2002 Creeps MC Fredrikstad was founded.

2013 Creeps MC patched over to Devils Choice MC Norway.


Devils Choice MC Norway carry the 81 support club diamond on the left side on the vest, close

to our hearts to show our love, respect, honor and support to our bigger brother Hells Angels MC.


Devils Choice MC South East

Roald Amundsens vei 139

1658 Torp