White Legs MC started its days a summer in 1991.

There was a bunch of about 5 people, all of which had one thing in common, and there were beers, parties, the car and MC.

White Legs started officially as a club in 1992, we got a room at Kambo north of Moss,

we rebuilt this room until it became a combined workshop and a focal point.

The time in White Leg's MC is a time that had a high party factor and the penetration of people who had a desire to enter the biker environment.

Many of these are not seen today, but without these, White Legs had not existed.

In 1996, we started the job of merging White Legs Mc and Dusty Crow MC into a club, the goal was to become a stronger club.

A common interest in HD, the community, and the brotherhood of the club.

This proved to be a successful affair, in 1997, Old Hog's MC saw its first days as a club.

Old Hogs MC Moss still had location in the old premises at Kambo in Moss.

In 1999 the club bought the old Hølen cafe in Hølen, and in September 2014 this was paid down.

In 2011, the process started to become Devils Choice MC Norway,

where after a while we entered as one of ten as Friendship club for Devils Choice Mc.

12.10.2013 at Old Hog's MC "End of Season party" and the club's 16th party, so it happened.

What we had worked for and waited for the whole Friendship time.

Hells Angels entered the evening stage and declared Devils Choice Mc Norway as a new club.


1991 White Legs MC was founded.

1997 White Legs Mc and Dusty Crows MC merged to become Old Hogs MC Moss.

2013 Old Hogs MC patched to Devils Choice MC Norway.


Devils Choice MC Norway carry the 81 support club diamond on the left side on the vest, close

to our hearts to show our love, respect, honor and support to our bigger brother Hells Angels MC.


Devils Choice MC Moss

Dronningveien 47

1550 Hølen