As with so many other clubs, this started with friends who came from other clubs and felt they would have "something more" one that they had. It started with 2 men who were invited to become part of the Danish club Immortals, after the prospect time and a lot of travel to Denmark and full colors were in place, it became increasingly in the club.

Since 2001/2002 it was not easy to get to Norway with overseas debut and after some discussions, Reapers mc was started.

Reapers Mc Ålesund was then started summer 2002 in clubhouse at Skodje about 15 km from Ålesund.

As in so many other clubs there have been members who have come and gone, and of the original crew it is only an original member of Immortal's time today.

However, the friendship with Immortals Mc Denmark was still strong and when Immortals Mc became DC, it was natural that we would like to become part of this community.

It was a pride that we teamed up with 9 other clubs in friendship with DC Denmark 2011 and joined Devils Choice MC in 2013


2002 Reapers MC Ålesund was founded

2010 Reapers MC Ålesund became a official support club of 81

2013 Reapers MC Ålesund patched over to Devils Choice MC Norway


Devils Choice MC Norway carry the 81 support club diamond on the left side on the vest, close

to our hearts to show our love, respect, honor and support to our bigger brother Hells Angels MC.


Devils Choice MC Aalesund

Håjem Industripark

6260 Skodje